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Home Theatre

At BMC High Fidelity we live and breathe home theatre!

It’s in our blood and we get excited helping our friends (customers) to obtain really impressive systems.

At BMC High Fidelity we stock the international brands that really work. These are the brands that receive positive reviews (they are often the winners of industry awards) and are used in high profile installations. These are brands that are renowned for what they do. Ideally they should also be brands that are value for money, meaning that they perform well at their given price point.

We have many “strings to our bow” so to speak. Specifically we have two main categories in our classification of home theatre… General Home Theatre which includes Projectors & Screens, AV processors, Amplifiers and loudspeakers and comfortable home theatre chairs, and Custom Design and Installation.

General Home Theatre

Choose a Seasoned Provider When You Want Professional Home Theatre

After a stressful day at work or after a long day, few things are quite as satisfying as coming home to enjoy your favourite music or to relax with a movie or Netflix series. Do you feel as if your current setup could be better?

Perhaps your system components have begun to show their age, or maybe you're just in a good position to undertake an upgrade to create a true "home theatre" experience. Perhaps that nice 55" or 65" TV needs an upgrade and can feel tiny by comparison with a 130" or 180" projection screen or beyond. Feel like you’re at the cinema, while still at home. Experience 4K UHD movies, which is better than at the cinema and with better surround sound too. And you won’t have to go out to enjoy it.

Where do you begin? There are many components that go into a good home entertainment system beyond the most basic components, such as a projector or ultra-high-definition television. Navigating all that information can be difficult – and that's before you even reach the installation phase. You don't have to do it alone, though.

At BMC High Fidelity, we proudly provide our clients with home theatre installation solutions all over Melbourne. As a full-service retailer and installer, we have an extensive inventory of high-quality components to work into the design of your new setup.

Take the stress out of the equation by turning to the experts. Take a moment to examine how we provide a smooth, consummate service that aims to satisfy your wish-list for a better, more relaxing home media environment.

Custom Design and Installation

No two individuals are the same. In the same way, no two projects are exactly alike. Therefore we don’t have a “one size fits all” mentality.

We appreciate that everyone has different priorities, budget and expectations. By understanding this, we tailor a custom solution for every unique environment.

This is the real reason why we don’t subscribe to the regular off-the-shelf “package deal” way of shopping. Why shop for a package that really only suits the retailer and is, in most cases, impractical for the buyer. It makes assumptions that may be untrue. Rather, we ask questions and get to understand your real requirements and tailor a package specifically for you and your needs.

Plan Ahead Now!

If you are planning to build a new home, or refurbish an existing home, it’s never too early to start planning what your home will be used for.

Why not blend your new home theatre into the home's design. Alternatively, we can also refurbish existing older homes or rooms with new modern systems. Some projects that we have worked on have followed a house purchase and we've been able to refit and modernise the house with good sound/video.

We can fit-out a single room, or an entire home.

Here are some of the products & services we can provide for fit-outs:

  • Luxury reclining seating
  • Carpets
  • Walls moved larger/smaller
  • Soundproofing
  • Curtains (motorised/automated)
  • Home Automation
  • Speakers in ceiling/walls
  • Subwoofers
  • Hidden projector screens
  • Hidden projectors in adjoining room
  • Racks of equipment hidden away
  • Remote controls (unified into a control system)
  • Chinese/International TV
  • Karaoke
  • Intercoms
  • Multi-zone sound
  • Security cameras
  • Video door bells
  • Voice control
  • HVAC temperature control
  • Pool control
  • Office/video presentations

Almost anything is possible; it's up to your imagination? Contact us to begin the process now!

From start to finish, you can depend on a superior level of quality and service from BMC High Fidelity.

Whether you have your own design ideas in mind already or you choose to work with us through every stage leading up to the day of your home theatre installation, our team offers their support and experience for your benefit.

When you're ready to take the first steps towards the creation of your new home theatre, call us on (03) 8683 9910 or visit us in person.

Contact us to begin the process now!

3D Drawings

At BMC High Fidelity, home theatre design starts with surveying the room in which the installation will take place.

Once we have the room dimensions and details, we are able to make a 3D rendering of the space that allows everyone to visualise what the finished room will look like. We can sit down with you and work through some options and suggestions and then supply you with a unique 3D drawing of the final design, to show you where the recommended equipment will be installed, and how the room will look and feel, ahead of time. This takes much of the guess work out of the project and allows you to have a greater measure of confidence before the money is spent in the finished project.

Interior Designer / Colour Consultant Services

Our talented interior designer and colour consultant is able to make your project really stand out.

Many clients focus all their energy into the equipment that will be needed, without giving enough attention to the aesthetics. However, the projects that stand the test of time and look as good as they perform require the services of a professional designer.

The finishing touches

While working in your home, we take care to set up everything so it’s ready to function right away. We can even undertake full-scale projector or panel calibration.

With this additional service, the colour balance and/or the audio levels on a new sound system receive our full attention. By the time we wrap up the installation, your system will be ready for entertaining.

If you want to ensure that it is the full entertainment experience, we can also add lighting and curtains automation, all through a single remote!

Whether your AV requirements are large or small, allow BMC High Fidelity to offer you a custom solution that meets your budget and expectations.


Getting your projector professionally calibrated can really improve the picture quality. Projectors usually look quite ok straight out of the box, but professional calibration takes the picture and enjoyment to the next level.

At BMC High Fidelity we recommend that the picture be tuned to look as natural as possible. This usually requires fine adjustments to the settings, correcting over (or under) saturated colours and brightness, and tweaking the in-built motion processing that can destroy smooth movement.

Whether it's an entry level unit or top-of-the-range, the principles are exactly the same. Once the projector has been adjusted to its environment the viewing experience is more relaxing, especially over long viewing times.

Professional ISF Calibration

There is a limit to the amount of adjustment that can and should be done by eye.

Getting to the next level requires the services of a professional calibrator and some very specialised equipment. Although perhaps a little costly, the results easily speak for themselves and the longterm viewing pleasure makes the cost a distant memory.

Hi-Fi & Sound

Trust Us, We Care!

BMC High Fidelity is staffed by people that love music and make music. We are enthusiasts ourselves.

We either have professionally reviewed components for a living or operated production facilities – and we've become a bit fussy along the way. If a component isn’t up to scratch, it won't be stocked here.

Our showroom is filled with items that are of outstanding quality, components that sound “right”, and are value for money. Isn’t that what you are looking for?

Often, less is actually more.

Not every brand is suitable. Not every model from a given brand represents value. We stock the equipment that we would use ourselves, or wholeheartedly suggest to our own family or friends.

As physical media is fading and streaming or music library systems are becoming more popular, let us show you what is required to have no reduction in sound quality and an increase in functionality.


These days, traditional retail shops are taking on the importation and distribution role for overseas brands. We ourselves are proud to import three international brands – Brodmann loudspeakers from Vienna, Melco music servers from Japan and Perreaux amplification from New Zealand.

These three brands are exceptional and represent the pinnacle of design, sound quality and value. We've chosen them specifically for the quality that they inherently possess. We're proud to carry these world acclaimed brands and we recommend them to you – but only if they are suitable for your application.

TV & Antenna

We only stock the models that, in our opinion, deliver the most natural picture at their price point.

Many brands tune their sets to have unrealistic colours – simply too vivid and hyper-realistic. So, we offer the best brands that Japan have to offer. Their colour is still rich, but far more realistic and enjoyable to watch during longer sittings.

The majority of TV’s on demo at the major retailers are set to “shop mode”. In this mode the picture is ultra-bright and the colours are very saturated. This setting may make one TV stand out from another in a crowded, brightly lit store, however it does not accurately represent the true capability of the set. “Shop Mode” is fatiguing and looks unnatural. If you buy a TV based on seeing this mode you will likely be disappointed with the choice once it's installed in you home.

The method that we use when we demonstrate TV’s or projectors, or anything for that matter, is to set the unit up with natural and realistic settings and calibration. This allows a prospective buyer to see what the unit is really capable of and what it will be like at home. This is a far better way to make a selection.


Every unit we sell will function at its best when it has been delivered, professionally installed and programmed.

Does a TV panel need to be setup on a wall? Will it's position require additional power points? Should it be integrated to an existing sound system or multi-zone player? We try to think about the total solution and we go the extra mile to make sure that every purchase is working the way that it should.

We won’t leave an installation until the batteries have been put into the remote controls and that everything is confirmed to be working properly. We also take the time to show you how to operate the new unit, to answer your questions and to confirm that everything is perfect. Do you need the packaging to be removed and/or the old set taken away? You really shouldn’t expect anything less.


All TV's and projectors require good quality, reliable sources.

If you plan on watching free to air broadcasts, you may need an updated antenna. Often the older styles of cabling are unsuitable for the new 4K TV's and are best replaced. Allow BMC High Fidelity to do an onsite visit to check the signal strength, quality and physical security of the antenna and the associated wiring.

Satellite, Internet, Wi-Fi

Do you need additional antenna connections throughout the home? No problems.

What about Foxtel satellite connections? How about the internet? Do you want to stream Netflix, Stan or other services? Do others need a reliable Wi-Fi connection for tablets, computers or phones to the far corners of the home? All of these services are not a luxury but are increasingly essential for a modern lifestyle.

Keep everyone in the home happy with a reliable and uninterrupted service. Allow us to setup a system that really works!


Getting your TV professionally calibrated can really improve the picture quality.

Of course most sets look good straight out of the box, but professional calibration takes the picture and enjoyment to the next level.

At BMC High Fidelity we usually recommend that the picture to be tuned as natural as possible. This usually requires fine adjustments to the picture settings, removing overly saturated colours and brightness, and correcting the in-built motion processing that can destroy smooth movement.

It doesn’t matter if it's an entry level TV, a top-of-the-line LED or OLED TV, the principles are exactly the same. Once the set has been adjusted there is a greater ease to watching it, especially over long viewing times.

Professional ISF Calibration

There is a limit to the amount of adjustment that can and should be done by eye.

Getting to the next level requires the services of a professional calibrator and some very specialised equipment. Although a little costly, the results easily speak for themselves and the longterm viewing pleasure makes the cost a distant memory.

Home Control

The power of technology to change our lives for the better seems more robust today than ever before in history.

Computers have gone from being desk-bound entities to small, powerful devices we carry in our pockets that connect to the Internet all the time. That mobile revolution has enabled the growth of many new services and tools.

Nowhere is the advent of these technologies more evident than in the home. Though home automation has been a hot topic for several decades, the systems of yesteryear were clunky, prone to malfunction, and typically not much more convenient than a non-automated home. Today, the "Internet of Things" and an entire industry dedicated to the concept of the “smart home” offer an entirely different experience.

Are you interested in bringing home automation to your Melbourne property? At BMC High Fidelity, we can combine music and videos throughout your home, through various zones and in and out of the house, pool, study and more. Stream seamlessly to any point in your home. Alternatively, if you already have a home automation system we can look to seamlessly integrate sound and vision with a single controller. Your controller can be installed into a wall panel to control a zone, or can even be controlled entirely through your smartphone!

What can you achieve with home automation in Melbourne?

If you aspire to live a “connected” life, many of today's home automation products will dovetail perfectly with your lifestyle. Home automation in Box Hill can take many forms depending on how far you want to go with the technology. For example, you could have a setup that opens your curtains or blinds every morning at a set time to help motivate you to leave the bed in the morning. At the same time, the thermostat could automatically disengage the aircon at the time you usually leave the house — then turn it back on in advance of your arrival home, so it’s comfortable and ready for you. Many of these things have related apps for smartphones, enabling you to check in on everything while you're away from the property. Be sure to ask us about the full scale of the solutions we offer, alongside our abilities to conduct full installation. We can even help you learn how to use the new systems to keep them working in harmony.

Explore solutions for transforming your home today

Whether you want to achieve large-scale home automation all over your Glen Waverley home, or you simply have some ideas about how to improve your quality of life in some areas, we can help. Remember: our goal is to create the system that you want, based on your needs – not on someone's bottom line. See what our other clients in Melbourne say about our services as a result of this commitment. Then learn how to get in touch to start the process of bringing all kinds of new automation products to your property in Box Hill or Glen Waverley. Bring your home into the world of tomorrow with BMC High Fidelity. Enjoy connected living!

With BMC High Fidelity, it's easy to achieve your dream of having the perfect space at home to entertain or to enjoy your favourite movies and music alone. From the high-quality components we stock, to our deep experience in the design, installation, and calibration of these systems, we provide a complete service that you can trust. By providing all the home theatre components you could need from video projectors to surround sound systems, we aim to create a "one-stop shop" experience for home entertainment systems in Melbourne.

With services including:

  • Audio installation
  • Home theatre design
  • Home theatre installation
  • Visual installation

Contact us today and let us make your home theatre dream a reality.


Many of us love Karaoke!

It’s good fun and it's good for your soul.

We are happy to demonstrate and recommend a number of quality systems and components.

Why not come in to BMC High Fidelity to see a demonstration of Karaoke on our large 158” projection screen with a state of the art sound system.

We also have access to the latest music and videos.