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Barco - Makers of the Finest Projectors in the World

Mark Gusew Monday Oct 22, 2018 Home Theatre

What do Michael Mann, Jerry Bruckheimer and Peter Jackson have in common?

Yes, they are great talents and highly respected movie producers and directors sure. But as the guys actually creating the movies that we like to watch, I’d argue that they know what great home cinema should be like. What you may not be aware of is that all three of them choose to use Barco projection in their own homes!

Barco? Who is Barco?

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Barco was founded in 1934 in Belgium and have since become a world leader in visualization and information sharing, including projection used in cinemas and elsewhere. It is highly likely that you have already experienced Barco products without even realising it.

Barco manufacture an absolute ton of specialist equipment, used all over the world in ways that I can’t even imagine. From video walls for large stadium displays, to medical diagnostic imaging, avionics, 3D and virtual reality, traffic control, training and simulation, to managing video feeds for the Brownlow’s, sporting events and live television.

Barco in particular are considered by many as the preeminent manufacturer of digital cinema projectors, the kind that you watch when you visit a commercial cinema. In Australia, Barco is used by Village and other cinemas. These monster industrial grade units are made to operate all day long, year after year in harsh conditions and have very little down time.

The Barco units that have been tuned for home theatre, comes under the Barco Residential brand name. These utilise changes to software, lenses and calibration suitable for smaller residential enviroments, where content intergration, i.e. Blu Ray players etc is more important.

• In 2017 Barco enjoyed a 75%+ market share in the premium projector market.

To say that Barco are specialists and have a deep understanding of the products that they make is an understatement. These guys really know what they are doing!

The point that I am trying to make is that a company that makes over 40% of the total world market of cinema projectors know a thing or two about making a quality projector for the home.

We like to think of Barco as a top down company. They have the know-how to create both commercial and residential projectors that are over a quarter of a million dollars each, but manage to distil the same attention to detail and quality in a smaller and home friendly projector at a reasonable price and is still outstanding value.

Barco make everything to a singular high standard, whether it is for the home or for the commercial world. It’s strong, with a full metal chassis, so it’s heavy and bulky. It’s also modular for ease of repair and support. Barco certainly isn’t a projector for everyone. It is not for the faint hearted or those who expect their projector to be almost invisible, innocuous or petite, or to come in a range of colors.

The larger of the Barco projectors are predominantly installed into bulkheads and behind walls or panels. Having the installation professionally managed is the key. The unit can be hidden away to operate invisibly, silently and discretely.

Barco have the most complete range of DCI-compliant laser and lamp-based cinema projectors in the industry.

Getting back to the 3 movie men mentioned at the start of the article, these guys are the professionals that create awesome movies for us all. I have heard that they are perfectionists, fussy some may say and that they agonise over their craft, to get it absolutely right. This is often the quality that separates the guys at the top of thir industry. If their projector of personal choice is Barco, then that speaks volumes of the trust that they have in a product that is available for you and me to enjoy.

Barco represent the highest levels of image and sound quality, innovation and craftsmanship available in the world today. Barco Residential products are custom-designed and built in Barco’s European Design Centres in Belgium and Norway.

Together with an exclusive network of partners including BMC High Fidelity, we deliver tailor-made solutions to discerning clients all over Australia. Now you can experience Barco for yourself in Melbourne and see what all the fuss is about.

Barco Residential is irrevocably changing the high-end home-entertainment experience. Experience Barco for yourself!

Barco IMHO are without doubt the finest projectors in the world!