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BMC High Fidelity has one simple goal...

Mark Gusew Monday Sep 10, 2018 Home Theatre

BMC High Fidelity has one simple goal... “To be the best high-end AV supplier in Melbourne”.

Not the biggest, the loudest, with the most gear, or the greatest discounters. But to be the “best” at what we do. What does it take to be the best?


Firstly, it's attitude. The attitude of the staff and management has much to with the way a shop operates and it governs the “feel” or “vibe” of the place. If their staff are not really happy to be there, the client will notice it and the experience will be lessened.

We love coming to work, because we have a job that allows us to enjoy ourselves and to play with heaps of cool equipment. This is what we are passionate about.

The sales role is more than just being able to quote prices, specifications and data. It’s about taking the time to chat with customers to find out their real needs and concerns and to show them products or offer services that will suit them best. It includes suggesting how to integrate new equipment with existing equipment, demonstrating what is possible and suggesting appropriately priced options. It can also include offering additional services like delivery and installation. It’s about being professional and reputable.

And it is about breaking down the complexity of equipment into simple and usable solutions. And making it fun!


You can’t have the best store without stocking the world’s best brands. At BMC High Fidelity we stock the international brands that are “hot” property, ie positively talked about and used in high profile installations. These brands must also have substance, in most cases they are winners of international awards. These are brands that are renowned for what they do. Ideally they should also be brands that are value for money, meaning that they perform well at their given price point.

Also we favour brands that lead the technological charge. Often the brands of yesteryear just don’t cut it anymore, as new and exciting brands that use clever implementation of technology are often better value and simply perform better. This is especially true when it comes to audio visual equipment.

Limited range

With so many brands and an abundance of choice, how do we make up our minds about what to stock? We work behind the scenes in quiet, researching, comparing and testing various combinations of equipment, filtering the less impressive and coming up with a selection of brands and models that are easy to recommend. When this is done in private, away from emotion, we are able to make valid suggestions to our customers, confident that it is the best solution at its price point.

Not every brand is suitable. Not every model from a given brand represents value. We stock the equipment that we would use ourselves, or wholeheartedly suggest to our family or friends. Sometimes less is actually more.

Let’s look at the big picture

When it comes to setting up a high quality projection system at home, honestly, it takes planning, planning and more planning. What size is the room, how much light is in the room at different times of the day? Where are the windows, entrances, lights, heating/cooling vents etc? What size projector screen will fit and how will it interact with the audio loudspeakers? What lens is fitted to the projector and what distance must it be to fill the screen? How will the wiring be discreetly hidden?

These and many other important details must be considered for a smooth and successful installation. Our philosophy is to make the customer feel comfortable, never intimidated and to chat over coffee about their requirements, budget, priorities etc. so that we can plan the total solution, from whoa to go, with the goal of providing everything the customer needs as well as making it as stress free as possible.

Custom Projects

No two individuals are the same. No two projects are exactly alike. So we don’t have a “one size fits all” mentality. We appreciate that everyone has different priorities and budget and expectations. By understanding this, we tailor a custom solution for every unique environment.

We have literally transformed entire theatre rooms at the clients request by laying a new floor, suspended ceiling and wall coverings. For others, we have knocked down walls, built entire wall cabinets and remodelled part of the home. So we are very comfortable suggesting a unique solution for your particular needs. If you are unsure of how a project will work or look like, we are able to create a 3D render of the project ahead of time to show you exactly how it will be before we even start.

Having an interior designer and color consultant on staff also gives us the ability to really make a difference. We are able to model your home into a look that is sure to please everyone, including spouses. Many clients focus energy into the equipment that will be needed, without giving attention to the aesthetics. Most successful projects that stand the test of time and look as good as it performs require the professional services of a designer.

Whether your AV requirements are large or small, allow BMC High Fidelity to offer you a custom solution that meets your budget and expectations.


We have teams of professional installers that are able to bring your project to fruition. Importantly, our installers have the same attitude and values of the owners. We feel it is important for our clients to be respected and listened to while the project is being completed. We feel that the installers represent the business and that is why we use a select, small team that shares our values and philosophy.

Once we have everything operating as expected, the job is not completed until we have trained the users in how to operate the equipment and how to get the best out of it. Even complex installations can be easy to operate once it has been setup properly and everyone is shown how to use it.

We really want our clients to enjoy every part of the process. We work hard to make you happy. We always ask for a referral and testimonial, so we are keen to ensure that the project went smoothly, as expected and that we excelled in our customer service, so that we continue to have glowing recommendations.

Aftersales backup and service

We always stand behind the equipment that we sell and the projects that we deliver.

Another reason for carefully scrutineering the selection of brands and equipment is the ability to provide reliable and well made products that provide years of enjoyment. In the unlikely event of failure we often go well beyond our basic warranty requirements and do everything to make our clients and friends happy once again.

Well, why not give BMC High Fidelity a try?