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Use 3D Discs Underneath Your Stereo Components

The other day I had the opportunity to hear a new and exciting audio tweak. Simply place a disc under the feet of your amplifier, CD Player and loudspeakers and hear the difference!

Mark Gusew Tuesday Oct 30, 2018 Audio

Top Aussie Studio Producer Prefers Perreaux & Brodmann Equipment

Lee Bradshaw of ‘Bradshaw Music Productions’ operates a thriving business based in Melbourne, as an independent artist producer, heading his own record label and talent development with vocal coaching services.

Mark Gusew Monday Apr 24, 2017 Audio

What Do You Want from Your Music System?

You've spent your money, you own something that's sounding great. But what do you expect from your listening experience? What should it deliver?

Mark Gusew Thursday Feb 23, 2017 Audio