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Living with music, means living with passion, beauty, and style. It means listening with Brodmann! 

All Brodmann loudspeakers are made by hand in Vienna Austria, the spiritual home of classical music. 

Every speaker system and every instrument produced (they also make pianos) is a direct reflection of passion for music. 

Brodmann takes great pride in applying new technologies and procedures to improve their products, which can be considered works of art. Using real timber veneers and multi coat piano finishing, no two are exactly alike. Optionally they can be ordered in any color you choose. 

Look at the finish and you will quickly realise that this loudspeaker is special, listen to it and you will fall in love.

Brodmann loudspeaker cabinets are designed to sound right in "real world" living rooms - which is important and often overlooked. Because the choice of where in the room to place the loudspeakers is essentially a practical consideration, excellent sonic results can be achieved in almost every living room, due to the unique design of the loudspeakers.