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The build quality is impeccable, which is the way Elektra crafts all of their products. 

All Elektra products are hand built in Melbourne from the best sounding and highest grade, custom components. These are specially selected, highly reliable, audio grade components that are matched in the final construction.

Elektra make a range of two channel and multi-channel amplifiers that are suitable for hi-fi systems or home theatre.

Elektra amplifiers offer world class sound and reliability without the overseas manufactured price tag. They are exceedingly well made, reliable and excellent value for money. 

The Elektra Reference HD is two-channel High Definition amplifier that is the culmination of decades of research and experience. Mated to the hand-crafted Elektra Pnyx Preamplifier with valve inputs you can be sure to take your listening experience to the next level. 

Honestly, we challenge you to find a better amplifier at their price point.