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Melco is a specialist Japanese manufacturer of High Resolution Digital Music Source devices. 

Developed from the ground up by audiophiles, Melco devices have none of the compromises of computer based music file players and storage devices.

By having a real source component to store, serve and play Hi-Res music, Melco offers the opportunity for the music lover to finally enjoy studio quality digital music without any compromise or computer knowledge required.

The Melco music library server/player simplifies the whole digital music process — making music listening in the 21st century a high quality, enjoyable experience.

Ground-up design and advanced engineering come together to produce a versatile, true high resolution audiophile quality music library file player, and high capacity music file server.

Melco's multi-award winning products provide the first worthy replacements for the CD player and a simple solution for storing and playing high quality networked music. 

They have become the reference standard for many reviewers, manufacturers and enthusiasts around the world.