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Stewart Filmscreen

Stewart Filmscreen is unique in the industry as the only screen manufacturer to win two Academy Awards. That speaks volumes for their quality and use in Hollywood. 

For over 70 years, Stewart Filmscreen have been innovating and delivering the highest-quality, future-proof, projection screens imaginable. They never stop pushing the limits of what’s possible. 

The material that the actual screen is made from is the all-important factor, as it is what you will be watching for many enjoyable hours. The material must be matched to the application (i.e. reflectivity, color, ambient-light-rejecting qualities). 

With a wide range of materials available, Stuart Filmscreen is able to custom design the screen that is right for you and your application.

With a scientific approach to research and development, dedicated custom engineering, and ISO 9001 certified company operations, Stewart Filmscreen products are handcrafted in the USA.